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Und was sagt dein [Lehrer-]Horoskop über dich aus?

Klingt fast so, als könnte es tatsächlich dem entsprechen, was ich in diesem Jahr vorhabe… Was sagt dein Horoskop über dich? Trifft es auch (irgendwie) zu?

As usual, 2018 will see Virgos needing to find a work-play balance. The beginning of the year may create difficulties with communication at school, but these problems should be resolved by the middle of spring semester. Summer may provide you with some opportunities to change, but you will hesitate. Trust yourself and use your practical nature combined with intuition to help you decide which direction you would like to go. Continue to approach tasks methodically, and you will regain confidence as the year c

Quelle: Teacher Horoscope for 2018 – Discover What’s in the Stars for Your Classroom

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