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Simplicity, productivity, and the personal uniform

(Bildquelle: Modern Mrs Darcy)

Als Lehrer mag ich es bequem, da ich den ganzen Tag am Laufen bin und stets präsent sein muss. Daher besteht meine Uniform aus Jeans, Pulli/Cardigan und Sneakers. Wie schaut es bei dir aus?

I’m fascinated by—and a little jealous of—highly productive people who wear the same thing every day. I know I struggle with decision fatigue, but that doesn’t make me unique. We all do. Each decision we make throughout the day takes a toll on our finite amount of mental energy. That’s why people like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and even President Obama adopted a personal uniform. I’ve been thinking of doing it myself.

Quelle: Simplicity, productivity, and the personal uniform. – Modern Mrs. Darcy

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